Evidence "the emphasis is on the individual to return to the formula of self-operation, rather than a holistic description of general culture, it is society as a whole is independent of the reaction symptom of the artist, or that it would be placed on the legitimacy of the creation of the reasons artists Social relations, historical relations and cultural relations among to examine presentation is not a single, self-supply of works of art we want, but backtracking how it is produced, how they are thinking, how the arts presented. Back home, we do not want to elaborate or explain the results of a visual work. but hope to return to the initiation of the creation of those reasons, visual recycling, repeated changes in the process to find evidence of the formation of cultural patterns in the final analysis, is not looking for evidence of a definite, closed conclusions or truth, it is a discussion of thinking production methods, it is an analysis of the position of the formation. not so much, we tried to find through this exhibition of art and social change process evidence but not as understood as, we hope to back at those occurring, accidental, very interesting individual details. they constitute a "movement", "Declaration", "classic" trivial information "Articles of Association" these trivial details and not frivolous, superficial pretending uncertain, fragmented language to identify the game. it is real, hard, strong and then a discussion of the "basics" in. it is a reiterated, but not repeat, because the context of the occurrence different processes, prompted us to have to make corresponding adjustments to reiterate the position; it is a pioneer again, a pioneer of the classical declaration and then broken down, and then spread that spread is not necessarily static sermon, but an independent entity talk with another independent individual ultimately, this will talk about the details of the chance to become a free public discussion of numerous individuals appear precisely the evidence, so that we know the whole story journey of our existence we must be clear that:... every step we Consideration of the submissions and the evidence left decided the final results, we have chosen our own feet moving toward the end.