iEyeLove - Alan Chan iPhone Photography Exhibition

Alan Chan in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tokyo, Milan and around the iPhone to shoot, never published photos on display. These works from Alan on business in the overseas journey or travel frequently, whether wandering in the streets, or because of a traffic jam in the car idle sake, Alan see an interesting scene or a beautiful composition, will be used iPhone to your favorite scene to shoot down the theme of the exhibition "iEye love" precisely expressed by Alan iPhone, the eyes see favorite things recorded. This originally improvised behavior gradually accumulate into a number of recording photographic collection Alan away from home in life. And these photos without modification late, after Alan Design Hand rearranged processing to unconventional documentary form, the old and new China presents a unique point of view and the world's major cities, but also to reflect on the life of Alan love - Alan is convinced that art and our lives, every little bit of life can be a source of art. With his trail, let us feel his sight, senses and love.