EYEwave: Perspectives of Young Collectors

Exhibition Title: EYEwave: Perspectives of Young Collectors
Participating Artists: Adrian Ghenie / Antony Gormley / Buff Monster / George Condo / Jamian Juliano Villani / Joel Mesler / Laurent Grasso / Louise Bonnet / Mak2 / Murakami & Abloh / Titus Kaphar / Vaughn Spann / Yoshitomo Nara / Zhao Zhao
Exhibition Venue: New Age Gallery / 1F, No. 182, Yifeng East Street, Nantun District, Taichung City
Exhibition Period: 2023.12.9-2024.01.14

New Age Gallery is honored to invite emerging young collectors from Central Taiwan to share their collections and insights. This exhibition, themed "EYEwave," emphasizes the fresh perspectives and trends brought by the new generation of young collectors. The exhibition will showcase some of the prized pieces from these young collectors, aiming to summarize the selection criteria of the new generation and interpret the emerging trends in the future art market.

Through this exhibition, we hope to inspire more young collectors to think about their methods and systematic approaches to collecting, thereby expanding the new horizons of the art market together.