Past • Present • Future

Any artistic value of an era in the evolution of art itself with changing times, growing really apparent.

New Age Gallery value of the 20th anniversary celebrations and the opening of the new museum on the occasion of Taiwan, 2011. March 6 to March 28, the exhibition themed "The past • present • future". The exhibition will complete the development of Chinese art exhibits Changes since the 20th century; to show the New Age Gallery, arduous, along the way, always professional philosophy, accurate long-term artistic vision and artistic outlook.

The exhibition will be since the 20th Century Chinese Art (mainland and Taiwan) development, from the perspective of art history and academic history, based on different historical background, times change, and focus on taking into account the common cultural roots and development characteristics of cross-strait Art , divided into five periods. Art exhibition concentrated expression of the mainstream of development and characteristics of each period: from older painter Xu Beihong, Liu Hai Su, Lin, Chang Yu, etc; the famous overseas Chinese artist Zao Wou-ki, Chu Teh-chun, Chao and other; to the new system (continent, the establishment of People's Republic of China; Taiwan, Republic of China Kuomintang ruled generation of artists) under Wang Huaiqing, Luo Zhongli, Huang Ming-che and the like; and then to China after the reform and opening up generation of artists Zhang Xiaogang, Cai Guoqiang, Xu Bing, Zeng, Zhou and the like; and finally to today experience of globalization, digitization of 70 new generation of artists Li Hui, Wang Jie, Guan Yong and the like. Exhibition attempt through the past history, contemporary look at the present and future prospects of art.

The exhibition from the topic, preparatory to the selection of artists and works, after more than a year. Exhibits from the new era portrait galleries and collectors friends sponsorship. Exhibition not only presents a wonderful masterpiece of the artist's predecessors, and more dazzling list and force a series of new generation of Chinese artists. New Age Gallery exhibition not only view their own work along the way, test their business from art history and the art market, but also to the development of Chinese art since the 20th century, profound changes of time combing through the time tunnel, shows the changing times under different Arts development and value historical period precipitation.

New Age Gallery, from the beginning of the establishment, the two sides will focus on cultivating contemporary art. 2007 stationed in the mainland, in Beijing 798 Art District, opened a new space in early 2011, Taiwan's new museum built operation, demonstrating it is more based on the construction of the development of Chinese contemporary art, efforts to develop a new generation of young Chinese artists future career.

In Chinese contemporary art really began today, in the new century, Chinese contemporary art started, New Age Gallery focused efforts to build the exhibition, undoubtedly of great historical and contemporary significance.