Encountering the Era-Art Joint Exhibition

Participating Artists: You Jin, Na Wei, Wang Jie, Guan Yong, Zheng Lu, Li Hui, Xia Hang, Fu Zuo Xin
Exhibition Venue: New Age Gallery / 1F, No. 182, Yifeng East Street, Nantun District, Taichung City
Exhibition Period: 2017/05/06~2017/06/18

Today, we live in an era with more diverse and abundant resources and information than ever before. Globalization and internationalization have become the most significant cultural contexts of our time. Globalization not only constructs new political and economic landscapes but, more importantly, initiates new transformations and processes within various cultural systems. Interestingly, this has not resulted in complete homogenization; instead, individuals maintain their original perspectives and stances. As globalization integrates into different regions, it intersects with existing historical contexts, reconfiguring new cultural scenarios. This dynamic releases tremendous creative energy and nourishment for individual artists and pioneers new pathways and forms for the overall cultural and artistic systems.

The exhibition "Encountering the Era" features eight young artists born in the 1970s and 1980s, showcasing 13 artworks, including both two-dimensional paintings and three-dimensional installations. Through these works, we aim to outline the current artistic landscape within a new context. In Asia, where diverse cultures converge, artists, as cultural inheritors and innovators, construct their independent artistic discourse systems through their creations. More importantly, faced with the structural stimuli of globalization, Asian artists are generating new variations and insights by interacting with international styles and concepts, while also returning to their cultural subjectivity. They display cultural awareness and confidence, writing a unique artistic atmosphere for the present era. The exhibition not only reveals the diversity of the artists' thinking but also reflects a certain ideological liberation and awakening of the times, offering new insights and concerns regarding the current state of affairs.