For one as young as 21 years, the province's art exhibition contest even before the 3rd won 1, 2, and won the national certification review Perpetual winning artists, indeed bloomer! However, Fu did not make this new complacent, select gathering in the whole world elite of Versailles, France Art Institute launched studies trip, and finally to the creative team first prize for painting at College career perfect ending. In the public point of view, Fu for the new long been the highest certified domestic and foreign top artists, but Fu for the new view: "The competition is the comparability of the range produce judgment, but the heart to pursue it is the share of non-comparable spirit." This is probably the source since his artistic experience by both Eastern and Western art related to baptism. Fu for the new sentiment: "who can immemorial spread of artists, will be able to create one of their own way." Holding it Cognition and self-exploration attempts in recent years, Fu for new creations with great breakthroughs and mutation, painting style and the Early different, overall heights. Works, see the western style of misappropriation and learn from masters, can not find a cottage popular culture and reflection, but from which you can appreciate the delicate sensory elements of oriental paintings, such as the black and white contrast, the yin and yang frustrated, the actual situation swaps. Imparting a strong spiritual tranquility and mystical paintings, express subtle metaphor and restrained emotion, convey Creative oriental flavor. Such style of language, it is difficult to find a similar tide of history for their home, perhaps, such a unique style, is for a new aesthetic Fu new road as an art explorer pursued!