Blue And White Stripes

Na Wei (born in 1982) is an artist of the only ¬child generation under the special one¬child policy in China. Thanks to his keen observation and delicate and restrained treatment, we are able to witness the conflicts particular to this generation on a two¬square¬meter canvas which, in this case, as a window on the artist’s inner world, inevitably strikes everyone. In his early paintings, the forceful image of a hospital dress with blue and white stripes symbolizes the predicament and stress this generation is faced with. While making a concept, Na Wei chooses blue and white stripes as his distinctive personal media to delineate the Chinese one¬child generation. The simple blue and white stripes voice their loneliness. In his later works, the hospital dress is secretly replaced by “blue and white stripes”, another concept. With conflicting elements, the paintings make up a lie by means of unique treatment, casting the observer into doubts about their experience from reality—once dismissed, the original experience can be replaced by a new conclusion. Behind these stripes, Na Wei is challenging the observers, provoking them to search for more possibility in the flow of history. In this sense, Na Wei has successfully structured the paining to ensure genuine and distinctive narration on multiple levels.