Better World: 70's,80's female Artists Exhibition

etter World:70's,80's female Artists." Chinese seventy, eighty generation of artists, is experiencing a generation of Chinese society in transition, the enjoyment of globalization, information technology generation, is in virtual culture, electronic media generation. This is an era of diverse, multicultural era also produced, values ​​and ideas. One of the women artists, who are mostly "only child generation" and, along with the development of China's reform and opening up, their social identity and status of great changes have taken place, with men also become the subject of society. They grew up in the abundant material from the growth of the open social environment, college-educated, engaged in social work and become financially independent, free spirit, enrich the lives of a generation. They have been out on the female role of traditional Chinese society, a new generation of women in the new era. She's identity, space, the right to have undergone changes, which doomed their artistic generation of women artists and women of different generations ago, this is a truly belongs "they" better world. Their art: feminine traits of autobiography, privacy contemporary color; having a change of social status, thus revealing the emphasis on the presence of individual women, individual consciousness, independence, energy, strong; the real beginning of a bold individual to directly face emotion, experience, works with a sensual, beautiful, lyrical, romantic, mysterious color; at the same time, their male artists, gradually alienating a macroscopic political theory and ideology, and the choice to use their personal world view, select individual sign language systems and symbolic, to reflect on their own reality reflected in the state. These constitute a unique artistic look 70,80 new generation of women artists. Thus, today, a new generation of female artists re-presentation of art, I believe is a very meaningful thing