Evolution Communities

Evolution Communities refers to the evolution of the common discourse of the parent, such as knowledge community, the academic community, the scientific community, ethical community, social community, and so on. Today the community is no longer a collective value of the conservative insistence, but voluntary, consultation, communication, caring maintain body. Community organization is not an entity, it is invisible, non-prescribed, relatively loose virtual space. Community almost every day in the formation, but also every day to be tested. For Lin Xin, an image developed from the community by the figures produced, it has a light, clean, vacuum-like super-true, both hard and fragile. Evolution is the end of a man's special place in the world, the people and animals and other life forms, all included in the same biological category. Advances in technology to promote life, species, social, artistic dramatic changes have occurred, it brought to mankind extension into and change at the same time, but also makes the human heart and spirit to extend the boundaries of physiology. But no matter how the evolution of technology, artists are most concerned about is the human desire for eternal soul and thoughts. Young Artist LinXin December 2011 the era of New Age Gallery (Beijing) solo exhibition, featured several paintings and video installation, the "evolutionary community" for the exhibition rhetoric, examine the co-evolution of man and machine, to explore the development of the arts in power. "Evolution Community" is not a topic related to scientific and technological progress or human development, but the study of art in the technical evolution has possibilities. Lin Xin light and spacious exhibition take the initiative to approach the use of technology to expand artistic expression, with visual habits of young people to reflect and visual imaging technology and the arts, and strive to build a new artistic language space.