Jia Gang

Jia Gang
Jia Gang 1974

Jia Gang's art possesses a clear and distinctive personal style, focusing on the creative language and concepts of painting, and delving into the minutiae of contemporary real-life experiences. His personal thoughts and feelings permeate through each meaningful gesture and image group; under the backdrop of societal transformation in the new century, various signs of impact on people drift within these graceful and poetic postures.

The artist excels in using a rich, symbolic language of gestures to depict various postures, perhaps the most genuine language of human essence, conveying the most authentic aspects of life, emotions, and desires. Gestures depict joy and happiness, sorrow and sadness, emptiness and confusion, intoxicating fantasies, love and desire, warmth and tenderness, harmony and peace, balance and equality, and more. Through the gentle postures in his paintings, one can feel a rare sense of joy and relaxation.

Yet behind this warmth and pleasure-seeking attitude, there lies a sense of modern emotional desolation, loneliness, sentimentality, and detachment. There is a yearning for harmony, warmth, fulfillment, and even romantic emotions. Some say that modern individuals seek emotional detachment to protect themselves from emotional invasion, aiming to develop emotional independence and live independently—a portrayal of self-love. However, in today's sea of individuals leading independent and aloof lives, there are ubiquitous "social clubs," "online searches," and the billions of expectations for encounters, acquaintances, and love that arise from them. This is an era marked by emotional absence yet an undeniable need for emotions.

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